Back surgery is the last option that anyone wants for relieving their ongoing back pain. The good news is that there is a wide range of alternative back pain treatments without the need for surgery that provide a more holistic alternative, available to most patients at Krasnick Regenerative Medicine. These natural treatments often garner better long-term results as well.

We can break these alternative therapies for back pain into two main categories: active, holistic treatment and lifestyle changes. When used together, the results can be life-changing. Contact Krasnick Regenerative Medicine to learn more.

Alternative therapies can be a great way to treat back pain

Alternative medicine for back pain is often a better alternative than prescribing a pharmaceutical drug or undergoing a surgical procedure. True holistic treatment in your back starts with therapies designed to strengthen it for the long-term. Every patient’s situation and needs are different, but there are a few alternative options.

Physical Therapy

Chances are you may be familiar with the benefits of Physical therapy for other past injuries. Physical therapy relates to exercises used to treat specific injuries. Those exercises are tailored to your conditions and will be managed as part of your care plan with your Krasnick specialist. They can include aerobics exercises, core strengthening, stretching and flexibility activities, exercises designed to improve your posture, and more. These exercises need to be completed regularly over a certain time.


This therapy might be considered old-school by some as an alternative treatment for back pain, but it can work for many patients. Namely, it can help people with chronic lower back pain feel better and function more effectively in their everyday lives.

Biofeedback therapy

This is a more holistic type of treatment for back pain designed to monitor central processes in your body to provide more control over back pain. The theory is by controlling your body functions from heart rate and body temperature to blood pressure and muscle tension, you are in a better position to manage back pain. The use of electronic devices to record data can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Electrical nerve stimulation

This alternative therapy for back pain can include the use of low voltage electrical currents to provide pain relief. These electrodes are placed at or near nerves where the pain is most prevalent and can represent potential pain trigger points. This alternative therapy for back pain has also been used to treat other common maladies, from fibromyalgia to tendinitis.

Laser therapy

It is amazing how powerful light can be. For example, the process of cold laser therapy can use lower levels of light from a regulated laser to support back pain healing. The term “cold” can be misunderstood as it relates more to the low intensity of the light rather than an actual “cooling” sensation. Like other methods listed above, it is a non-invasive alternative treatment for back pain.

Lifestyle changes can also help support back pain relief

Everything you do physically can impact your back in some way. But there are lifestyle strategies that can help reduce or eliminate back pain. That list includes, but is not limited to:


This is a broad term that can refer to any type of alternative relaxation technique that reduces back pain. The idea is to keep your mind focused on other things rather than the pain you may be feeling at any given time. Types of medication can include yoga, tai chi, stretching, and other related ways to relax your mind and body. Like other alternative strategies that lessen back pain, there are many other physical benefits to meditation.

A healthy diet

How often have you heard that a healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do to promote long-term health and longevity? The right diet can also provide support for back pain relief consistently. For example, foods that are high in trans fats and sugars can cause inflammation throughout your body, specifically your back. Processed foods also can adversely cause back pain. By maintaining a healthy diet, you are more likely to keep your weight down, which reduces pressure on the spine. Talk with your professional at Krasnick to discuss the diet that is right for you.


You’ve probably heard that calcium can help strengthen bones (and your teeth). Combined with other vitamins like vitamin D, you can positively impact your bone mass, strengthening them even as you age. Foods rich in calcium can include certain seafood like salmon, dairy items like plain yogurt, leafy vegetables from broccoli to lettuce, and even tofu. Be sure to balance the need for these supplements with other elements of a healthy diet.

Quit smoking

This is another common recommendation, but nicotine has indeed been shown in many studies to emphasize existing pain and prevent the body from naturally healing in a timely fashion.

Don’t push yourself physically

This comes down to the concept of “being smart” about your body. For example, you might not be able to carry the 40-pound back of water softener to the basement anymore, or spend hours gardening on your knees and bending over. Any little tweak can cause your back pain to return at higher levels. Avoid activities that will likely accentuate your pain.

Take the first step to reduce your back pain today

By following these guidelines for alternative medicines and therapies to treat back pain, and by working with Dr. Robert Krasnick and his team of regenerative pain management experts at Krasnick Regenerative Medicine, you may not need surgery to help treat your back pain. Contact us today to start the process toward less back pain. We offer a full range of pain management solutions.