Neural Prolotherapy

(Lyftogt Technique®)


Dr. Robert Krasnick: Injection Treatment for Pain

Neural Prolotherapy (NPT), commonly known today as Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT), is a distinct and separate treatment modality when compared to traditional Prolotherapy. PIT was developed by Dr. John Lyftogt and targets superficial nerves and consists of a series of small injections immediately under the skin targeting painful areas where the nerves are sensitive. Injections are made with simple and natural substances. This treatment can reduce and in some cases eliminate chronic pain and inflammation from a neurogenic source (nerve as the source of pain). For more information see Dr. Lyftogt’s website.

Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) treatments do not contain any drugs, steroids, narcotics or NSAIDs, are performed in the office and do not require surgery. Dr. Krasnick performs injections under ultrasound guidance, so he is highly accurate in injecting the treatment to the exact location needed. These treatments allow the body’s own natural healing powers to recover and restore to health.

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