Knee pain and swelling is a common ailment for many Americans, especially as we age. So, it’s important to find knee swelling treatment that can relieve some of the pain you are experiencing so you can get back to feeling normal and remain active.

Fortunately, there are ways to address this pain holistically. Some of the best medicine for knee pain and swelling is not from medications or pain pills but natural treatment from Dr. Krasnick and Krasnick Regenerative Medicine that can provide a longer-lasting relief without the need for surgery.

If you are suffering from mild aches, swelling and stiffness in one or more of your knees, chances are you have a case of osteoarthritis, which is common as we age. Men and women who have been physically active in their lives, and those with genetic dispositions toward knee pain, are more likely to suffer from knee pain in old age.

There can be many causes for your knee pain and swelling and treatment can go a long way to help. Outside of medication, there are a few ways to provide alternative treatment for knee pain and swelling. The team of specialists at Krasnick Regenerative Medicine can help create a care plan for you to reduce knee pain and swelling.

Physical therapy for knee pain

There are a wide range of physical therapy exercises that can be used to help strengthen your knee, hips and other parts of the body that can be impacted by such swelling. This is important because weakness in your hips can put pressure on your knees, causing ongoing pain, or making it more intense. The professionals at Krasnick Regenerative Medicine treat many types of pain and can help determine which exercises and types of physical therapy are best suited to support your recovery from knee pain.

Injection therapy

Non-steroid injection therapies can include, prolotherapyplatelet-rich plasma and stem cells. The benefits can also be long lasting, although it is a more expensive option and can have higher out-of-pocket costs. These are all alternatives to steroids or surgeries. Your Krasnick specialist can help guide you on the types of injections to consider and how often they can be used.

Supplements that can help knee pain

A combination of supplements can be one of the best medicines for knee pain and swelling. Turmeric is a spice with some anti-inflammatory properties that also has been shown to be effective for some who suffer from arthritis pain.

Ginger, like turmeric, is a plant root and is a part of the same plant family. It also offers anti-inflammatory properties to reduce knee pain and swelling. Not only can ginger be used as a supplement but it can be a fresh ingredient as a cooking item or in a tea. Vitamin D can also support the reduction of knee pain.

Other supplements have mixed research results so you should talk with your specialists at Krasnick to discuss what is best for you. You can also visit our website to review our frequently asked questions.


Adding exercise to your daily regimen is important to help prevent knee stiffness. People with osteoarthritis or arthritis in the knee can use exercise as a knee swelling treatment that also includes the use of supplements, a healthy diet, and other alternative methods. Riding a bike, swimming and even regular walking are all ideal examples because there is little to no impact on knee joints. Certain types of stretching exercises or yoga can also help.

Staying active in some way is key, but you don’t want to push yourself in a way that could further injure your knee. Running or jogging for example, playing golf and tennis, or bending over may not be advisable. Speak with your physician or any trusted medical and wellness professionals to discuss what types of exercise to avoid.

Healthy Diet

The key is to avoid foods that cause both weight and inflammation. Foods that contain sugar, processed carbohydrates, fried foods, and red and processed deli and other meats can cause additional inflammation. On the other hand, the types of foods that can offer knee pain and swelling treatment include green tea, olives, certain types of fish, fruits, vegetables high in fiber, and other foods low in carbohydrates. Foods with Vitamin D can also help.

The specialists at Krasnick can help develop your care plan to reduce knee pain

When it comes to finding knee pain treatment as you age, having a care plan designed to fit your lifestyle and reduce your swelling and discomfort can go a long way to helping you live the life you want, despite osteoarthritis. Knee swelling treatment without the need for steroid injections or surgery is possible, but only with the help of trained experts who can support a care plan that works for you.

The team of professionals at Krasnick Regenerative Medicine can help you create a plan that works best for you, helping you to age gracefully while remaining as physically active as possible – without surgery. Learn more by visiting us online or contacting our office to set up an appointment.